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Next Level Basketball Academy Force Absorbtion
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    Force Absorption

    Before you learn how to jump high, you must learn how to land correctly. This is known as force absorption.

In this series, you will learn jump training drills and techniques that are proven to increase the efficiency of your muscles’ stretch shortening cycle (SSC) increasing your vertical jump height. The SSC is your body’s way of protecting itself from injury, but it can also be used to create more explosive muscle contractions that can increase your vertical jump height.

Next Level Basketball Academy Force Application
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    Force Application

    This is where the fun begins. After mastering force absorption, it is time to move on to force application (jumping).

Application begins as soon as landing is complete.  However, if the landing time is too long or too short, its effects will not be maximized.  When landing time is limited, result will be a more powerful concentric contraction, and the following jump will be higher.

Next Level Basketball Academy Max Air
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    Max Air

    For the high level intermediate and advanced players MAX AIR can be the difference between a two handed jam and hitting the flashy windmill or between the legs show stopping jam that brings the crowd to their feet.

Utilizing higher level boxes, adding rotational and angled jumping and continuous jumps into your training routine will allow you to jump from anywhere at anytime and elevate over opponents. This series requires very high levels of skill and produces even higher levels of fatigue for the body’s neuromuscular systems. These can push good players to great, and make great players unstoppable.

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  • Is your young athlete looking to take their game to the next level?
  • Many of our students have gone on to play on high level AAU teams
  • Our young athletes have consistently achieved double digit scoring, reduced turnovers, higher shooting percentages, better off the ball movement, and lock down defense
  • We aggressively apply physical, technical, and mental drills to improve your athlete's game and court awareness
  • Players today are improving their game and getting closer to achieving scholarship potential. Get an edge on the competition, start today


My son has become a better all-around player offensively and defensively under the tutelage of Next Level Basketball Academy. His practices are thorough and intense with a focus on individual fundamentals and building a positive, hardworking team environment.

Jeffery Evanko
Jeffery Evanko Proud Parent

This program has helped me excel at my position, I pick up on the defensive scheme. I am living up to my potential now!

Nate Riley
Nate Riley Player

Next Level Basketball Academy has provided a very precise and fundamentally challenging coaching style that makes each player excel at their own personal skill set.

Daniel Webb
Daniel Webb Coach/Parent

The Next Level training program has done wonders to my game. In just a short time, my handles are tighter, my shot is smoother, and my confidence is higher. There's only one thing to say about this program.. It really has taken my game to the "Next Level"!

Brycen Holliday
Brycen Holliday Player

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